Crowns & Bridges

digital image of tooth removal

Affordable treatments for stronger, better-looking teeth

If your teeth have become weak, decayed or damaged, crowns and bridges can restore their strength, appearance and functionality.

Using either crowns, bridges or a combination of both, Dr. Lakatos and the Complete Dentistry team will get your teeth back into working order and looking great.


When a tooth loses structural integrity but still has a healthy root, a crown may be your best course of treatment.

By taking an impression of the damaged tooth and manufacturing an exact copy, we can place this cap on top of the damaged tooth. Crowns are a long-term, natural-looking solution to advanced dental problems, but aren’t exactly a minor procedure, so we’ll give you as much advice and guidance as possible to help you make the most informed decision.


Bridges are similar to crowns, except that they typically span across a gap from a missing tooth – they are essentially two crowns with a rootless crown in between.

When teeth are missing, neighbouring teeth can begin to drift or rotate out of position, which can cause even more problems if left untreated.